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Should I choose a three-wheel scooter or a four-wheel scooter?

Both three-wheel and four-wheel scooters serve the same purpose but offer different degrees of stability, maneuverability, and comfort. Please read below to better understand which type of scooter will work for you!

Three Wheel vs. Four Wheel: Stability. How stable is my scooter?

Your scooter is very stable! Believe it or not, scooters are hard to tip over. Four-wheel scooters tend to be more stable than three-wheel scooters, but with a cautious driver, both types of scooters will be equally stable. Just as car drivers develop a sense of how they can steer their car, scooter drivers also develop a sense of how they can steer their scooter without compromising on their safety and comfort.

Three Wheel vs. Four Wheel: Maneuverability. How easily can I steer my scooter?

A three-wheel scooter is easier to steer because there is only one wheel at the front to turn. For that reason, a three-wheel scooter has a tighter turning radius than a four-wheel scooter.

Three Wheel vs. Four Wheel: Comfort. How comfortable is my scooter?

Your scooter is as comfortable as sitting in the front or back seat of a car. If you prefer sitting in the front seat of a car, then a three-wheel scooter will work best for you because it has open space on each side of the steering column for your legs to stretch outward. Alternatively, if you can comfortably sit in the back seat of a car, then a four-wheel scooter will work better for you since it has a front mudguard that extends across the base of the scooter giving your feet a place to rest.

Does my height and weight affect the comfort of my scooter?

Your height and weight help determine which scooter will be most comfortable for you. Generally speaking, taller people prefer three-wheel scooters because they provide more leg room, whereas larger people prefer four-wheel scooters because they are more spacious. All our scooters have a specified Maximum Weight Capacity that cannot be exceeded without voiding the warranty.

How far can my scooter travel?

The distance your scooter can travel is dependent on the size of its battery. Larger scooters have a larger battery and hence, they will go farther on a single charge than smaller scooters. Small scooters can travel between 12-16 km per charge, medium sized scooters can travel up to 35 km per charge, whereas larger scooters can travel between 42 - 55 km per charge.

Can my scooter drive on rough and hilly terrain?

Your scooter can drive on all types of terrain as long as its motor provides enough power. The power of your scooter is dependent on the size of its motor - larger scooters have larger motors that are more suitable for driving on rough surfaces and steep hills.

Can my scooter drive on bumpy roads and sidewalks?

Yes, a scooter with suspension and pneumatic (air-filled) tires will drive better on bumpy roads and sidewalks than a scooter with solid tires. The air in pneumatic tires will accommodate for the surface it is riding on, whereas the firmness of solid tires will cause an uncomfortable ride on uneven surfaces.

How fast or slow can I go?

A smaller scooter will pick up less speed than a larger scooter, but for the most part, you can drive your scooter as fast or as slow as you want. Bear in mind that our manufacturer warranty does not cover any speeding tickets!

Can I carry my scooter in my car?

You can carry your scooter in your car, but it may require a bit of dismantling. Smaller scooters are naturally easier to dismantle and will fit in the trunk of most cars. Some scooters don’t require any dismantling and will easily fit in station wagons or hatchbacks so long as the scooter’s seat is removed. All scooters will fit in SUVs that have foldable back seats. It is advisable to carry a ramp to help load your scooter into your vehicle.

Where can I store my scooter?

It is ideal to store your scooter indoors to protect it from poor weather conditions. If that’s not possible, then do your best to park your scooter in a garage or any sheltered area. Keeping your scooter covered with an all-weather scooter cover will maintain its appearance and functionality through seasonal changes. 

Will my scooter adapt to my chronic medical condition?

Our representatives are thoroughly trained in setting up your scooter to best fit your needs. We can modify the drive controls of your scooter and further customize it with multiple accessories to accommodate your lifestyle. Please call or email us with more information about your health concerns and we will happily assist you in determining which scooter along with what alterations will best cater to your requirements.

How much do your scooters cost to buy?

We provide industry leading scooters at competitive prices. Please click here for more details on pricing and the variety of scooters we carry.

Do you offer rentals? How much are they and how long can I rent for?

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rentals at competitive rates. We currently only offer our line of smaller scooters for rental purposes. Please click here for more details on rentals.

What is the quality and warranty of my scooter?

We stock leading brands of scooters, primarily Invacare, that have a strong manufacturer warranty program and an aftermarket care. By relying on Scooters Direct, you're able to regain your freedom and mobility without having to worry about damages and wear-and-tear that are not covered by many other providers. We provide 2 years of warranty on electrical parts on our scooters, and 1 year of warranty on the batteries.

 What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 5 day cancellation policy after the scooter has been received. We retain the right to deny refunds requested thereafter or apply rental charges. Rentals are non-refundable once delivered.